• Welcome to V.  

    A Sensual & Primal Movement & Sound Practice for Awakening Aliveness & Embodying Soul

    V is a somatic-based practice for those seeking depth in their movement experience.


    V is as energetic of a practice as it is physical. We begin by establishing interoception as we connect with and engage our


    Energetic Circuitry of Aliveness: Pelvic Bowl, Voice & Vagas Nerve.


    V guides you through sound & sensation deeper into your body where gnosis resides. 


    Drawing upon 15+ years experience in facilitation of yoga, movement, and feminine arts, I’ve woven together the best of what I know in V.


    V is trauma aware, raw, fun & designed for remembering.


    Class held every Tuesdays 7pm in Austin Texas.

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    1611 W 5th St Suite 135, Austin, TX 78703
    A Sensual & Primal Sound & Movement Practice for Awakening Aliveness Within & Embodying You
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  • What Others Are Saying

    A few words from participants of V.

    "Immaculate Facilitation"

    Mary Catherine's faciliatation is immaculate. As a practitioner myself, it's awe inspiring to see someone guide a room with such grace and command through what some may consider deep waters. Mary Catherine guides us with absolute brilliance ushering us completely out of our own heads and deeply at home within connection to ourselves. If she offered this class 3x a week I would be there (which is saying a lot for me)! Highly recommend.

    "Like church but...better"

    Holy. Sacred. The space Mary Catherine creates is remarkable. I'm so grateful for this space to come: part devotional, part sensual and a little bit exercise, I'm here for it! Can't wait for the next one!

    "I finally was able to connect with my pleasure"

    This class was so powerful for me. I've outsourced my power and pleasure so much and I've been ready to reclaim it. This class was such a powerful step in doing that in connection to my femininty. Thank you for sharing your gift, I'm so glad I made it to class!


    I was so tired when I arrived to class, wondering how in the world I was going to make it through. And now, I'm feeling so alive and energized as I head out to dinner plans! I am a forever fan of Mary Catherine's work and I am SO glad this now exists in Austin, we've needed this!

    "For the first time in months I went home with a desire to connect with my husband"

    After class, I drove home feeling filled to the brim. For the first time in months, maybe years, I went home and had a deep desire to connect with my husband. Not just in sex, but in intimacy, true connection. I have a long way to go in cultivating intimacy within myself (and my marriage) as I’ve made the kids and everyone else more important for almost 18 years. But after last night, I feel excited and alive like never before as if I’m standing at the edge of a River calling me in to the depths of me. And I promise you, I’m going to go in. Thank you Mary Catherine for creating such a beautiful and safe space for me to reconnect to me so deeply!

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  • A Word On Embodiment...

    What is Embodiment and why does it matter?


    Embodiment is the whole point.


    Embodiment, in my experience, is the process of bringing your awareness back into the body (after a period away whether it be a moment, a month or a lifetime)


    Embodiment is also a practice, a practice of becoming Alive to the sensations and signals of your body.


    Why is embodiment important?



    Because when we are disconnected from our bodies, usually due to stress, anxiety, shame, religious conditioning, overwhelm or past trauma, we live primarily from our thinking minds, our heads. Doing so can serve us for a while, but overtime can cause severe symptoms of depression, stress, confusion, mental fog, hormonal imbalance, fatigue and lack of sex-drive to name a few.


    It’s very devastating on the body and Soul to live disconnected from our bodies. Being connected to the body, we reduce anxiety, reside in parasympathetic nervous system state, digest food and thoughts more effectively, access pleasure and intuition effortlessly, we are able to listen more deeply and in that listening we learn how to listen to others and the environment around us more deeply as well which gives us the superpower of sensory intelligence and also the abilitly to experience deep intimacy with other.


    V is designed for the practice of Embodiement & Aliveness.