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    The Journey

    An 1:1 Immersive Experience for the Body & Soul.


    The Journey is a personalized immersive process held in a safe and nurturing container.


    The process is designed to facilitate deep exploration within yourself, to see clearly, address and resolve long standing patterns in the way of what you want and to embody & express more fully who you truly are.

  • What's Included?

    While the 1:1 ceremonial retreat itself is often considered the highlight, this offering includes the following components to optimize the outcomes of your experience:

    Preparation & Intention

    • Prior to your ceremony we'll have a somatic based session to review your intake form and set clear intentions for the journey ahead.
    • Pre-Ceremony Nutritional Guidelines and integration practices to optimize your short & long-term results

    Nourishment & Somatic Practices

    • Indulge in super foods, ceremony-specific elixirs, overflowing nourishment and delights throughout your in-person experience.
    • Be guided through somatic body-based process to enhance depth of insights throughout experience.

    Integration & Practice

    • Morning after Ceremony we'll have a meal, take a walk and allow time for verbal and somatic processing with integration practices.
    • In week following the ceremony, we'll have our integration call and capture any additional insights that may arise.
  • What Others Are Saying

    Explore a few testimonials below...

    "The Journey was everything my soul has been craving..."

    The space Mary Catherine has cultivated is so full of love. The Journey was everything my soul has been craving. Thankful for your iron fist and energetic barriers that allowed me to safely let my inner child out to play and be loved. I'm returning home a more full, raw and real me.


    -Anna H.

    "Working with MC has been one of the most pivotal relationships of my life..."

    I cant emphasize enough how special the the journey is...The integration work, and additional support is an anchor and a game changer for me and truly has allowed me to instill the lasting change from our work together. Game changer and blessed to know this special healer.


    -Marlys R.

    "There's doing a ceremony on your own, then there's doing a ceremony with Mary C..."

    I feel amazing and forever changed. I am immensely grateful for this transformative experience.


    - Sarah B.

  • How It Works

    I'm all about next steps, here's a complete picture of how to flow of the journey works...


    Fill Out Application + Schedule A Time to Chat

    Select the button below and fill out application. Application is meant to support me in learning more about you and to support you in beginning to clarify your intention in this work. We will book a call to get to know each other, review your application and see if the Journey is a perfect fit for you!


    Say Yes + Book Ceremony Date!

    When we arrive at a decision to work together, we will complete registation and book your in person retreat together!


    Somatic Integration Session #1

    In this pivotal conversation we connect and by using somatic practices we will uncover your session goals and set clear intentions for our work ahead! Please be sure to submit the intake form at least 24 hours prior to this call.


    Private Retreat & Ceremony Day

    Please arrive at Ceremony location at 11am. This space is all set for you. Love awaits!  


    Integration Day

    On the day following ceremony we flow as we process and integrate your ceremony. Together we will design how to best align your insights with new actions to establish lasting transformation.


    Somatic Integration Session #2

    It's been said integration is the process of translating insights into lasting ways of being through practice. This session is designed as a check-in and post ceremony support to you to establish any futher embodiement or daily practices that will anchor your experience.

  • Next Steps?


    Everyone's needs and experince is unique. To save time and set the stage for our exploration, I've built this application process. At the end of the application you will be guided to book a call with me. The call is desiged to get to know each other and determine if working together in this way is the perfect fit and time for both of us! I look forward to connecting more with you soon!